New Blog Posts and Workshop

Yesterday and today, I published two new blogposts. My German blogposts deals with predictions in the humanities, and specifically in linguistics, titled «Und nun zur Wörtervorhersage...»: Vorhersagen in der Sprachwissenschaft. The other blogpost is a tutorial on alignment analyses with LingPy and custom scoring functions based on the CLTS feature system, titled Feature-Based Alignment Analyses with LingPy and CLTS (1), and will be followed up by one or two more posts which present a full-fledged algorithm devoted to the topic.

Furthermore, our workshop on «Computer-assisted approaches in historical and typological language comparison» will be organized as part of the annual conference of the SLE (2019). For those interested in the specific speakers of this workshop, I made a small workshop website which shares the abstract, gives some information on the full description of the workshop, and also summarizes the speakers, their titles, and provides direct links to their abstracts at the official SLE website.