Interview on Juggling and Science

An interview, in which I talk about juggling and science, appeared three days ago in the Chinese online journal Zhìshifènzi (intellectuals). When reading this interview with help of automated translation, it nicely illustrates the limitations that computational approaches still have. My Chinese name Yóuhán 游函, which I chose back in 2005 because the pronunciation comes so close to my first name, is consequently translated as ``travel letter'' or similar, because the name is not recognizable as a standard name by the translation software. If you check the same interview (but with few errors in the text already corrected) on the We-Chat platform, you can also see a recent video in which I perform the pirouette with five clubs in a gym in Berlin. While this has nothing to do with science, I see it as one of the factors that allow me to pursue my research: Juggling is excellent for preventing pain in the back, resulting from sitting for too long a time in front of a computer. Therefore, the more I juggle in my free time, the more I can sit and program in my working time.