New article and blog post and past workshop

My article, discussing currently available methods for the automated studying of language contact, has now appeared in the journal Language and Linguistics Compass, titled Automated methods for the investigation of language contact situations, with a focus on lexical borrowing. Unfortunately, I could not afford the high costs for direct open access with the publisher. As a result, I placed my final version before copy-editing on Humanities Commons.

Furthermore, I managed to stick to my self-made promise and discuss the seventh problem of computational diversity linguistics in the eighth month of the year. This month, I discuss questions regarding the Statistical proof of language relationship.

Last not least, our workshop on Computer-assisted approaches to historical and typological language comparison, which was held last week, organized as part of the Annual Meeting of the SLE in Leipzig, turned out to be very nice, with a lot of presentations devoted to very different aspects of computer-assisted research.