I haven't shared many updates in January, as I was in holiday until the first half of January. In the meantime, however, a couple of blog posts appeared, and I'll quickly summarize them now.

First, already in December, an English blog post on «Patterns, processes, abduction, and consilience» appeared on The Genealogical World of Phylogenetic Networks. In this post, I discuss questions of what we can know and what we can infer from the data and the patterns we observe in historical linguistics. The post can be found here.

Second, earlier in January, I wrote a German blog post, discussing problems of fake news, fiction, and the potential crisis in journalism and science, which you can find here.

Third, another English post appeared on the phylogenetic networks blog, where I discuss Future challenges for computational diversity linguistics. I present 10 different problems, and I will try to comment on each of these 10 problems in more detail during the next 10 months.

Forth, I decided to start a new series of tutorial posts in our CALC blog. The idea, presented in the introductory post is to create something like a «Primer on automatic inference of sound correspondence patterns», presenting how the algorithm I present in a forthcoming paper can be used in practice.