Two more blogposts

One month has past since I have shared news the last time. I have not been idle in the meantime, but did not find time in all my work to share any updates. Besides, I was writing papers, which are now under review, and will be shared online in due time, once I find time to prepare them in form of preprints.

I just would like to announce two more blogposts that I have written in February, the first one, in German, is devoted to potential errors in science which can -- nevertheless -- improve our knowledge, titled Darwin's Finkenschnäbel und der Nutzen des Irrtums. The second post follows up on my 10 open problems for diversity linguistics, and discusses why the problem of Automatic Morpheme Segmentation is such a huge problem for historical linguistics, and how it might be that we could tackle it in the future. This blog is titled.