SLE-2019 Workshop on Computer-Assisted Language Comparison

I am very pleased to announce that the workshop on computer-assisted language comparison, which I submitted in November, has been accepted for the annual SLE conference next year in Leipzig. I just submitted the final version of our workshop description, which you can also find here.

Here is the abstract of the workshop:

The workshop invites papers that deal with computer-assisted (as opposed to pure computational or pure qualitative) approaches to historical and typological language comparison. Computer-assisted approaches are hereby understood as procedures involving different stages of qualitative and quantitative data analysis, ranging from the initial preparation of lexical or structural data, via automatic or manual annotation, up to qualitative or quantitative analysis, that yield a specific result, be it a linguistic reconstruction system linking proto-forms to aligned reflexes, a phylogeny that lists inferred word histories, or tools for exploratory data analysis. By focusing on computer-assisted approaches, we hope to foster a more intensive collaboration between classical and computational linguists. In addition to detailed descriptions of concrete tasks in historical and typological language comparison, we also encourage submissions dealing with data standards enhancing data sharing and reuse, as well as the presentation of purely qualitative approaches for which no computational solutions exist so far.

If you are working on topics that seem apt for this workshop, consider applying, by submitting an abstract for the SLE conference, where you specify our workshop (see here).