News before the end of the year

Although quite a few things happened recently, I did not find much time to update the news feed, and I was surprised that my last update was made in November.

Anyway, yesterday, two blogposts appeared, my final post on the series on Open Problems in Computational Diversity Linguistics (available here), and a German blog post that elaborates about the topic patience and how much of impatience is needed in scientific research (Trotz der Ungeduld: Jonglieren im Wind).

In the week before, a paper discussing how to compare reconstruction systems appeared, titled "Beyond Edit Distances: Comparing linguistic reconstruction systems". The preprint is available online here.

Two papers were accepted by now: our paper on CLICS, Version 3, with Scientific Data and many coauthors (preprint here), and our paper on Sign language evolution with Justin Power and Guido Grimm with Royal Society Open Science (preprint here).

These are all the news for December, but it is possible that there will still be updates during this month.