Blogposts and other things

Last week was a very busy week, with papers that had to be prepared and talks that had to be presented. Nevertheless, we managed to put the blogposts from 2018 online and share them with Humanities Commons. First the contributions to our blog on Computer-Assisted Language Comparison in Practice are now available here, second, my contributions to the Genealogical World of Phylogenetic Networks for 2018 can be retrieved from this link.

In addition, I managed to submit a study on inter-linear-glossed text and our attempts to retro-standardize linguistic data. This study, carrried out together with Nathaniel A. Sims, titled "Towards a sustainable handling of inter-linear-glossed text in language documentation" has now also be posted on Humanities Commons in form of a preprint and can be found here.

Last not least, today appeared my 11th blogpost in the Genealogical World of Phylogenetic networks, this time dealing with the 10th (and last) problem in computational diversity linguistics. This post, discussing the "Typology of semantic promiscuity" can be found here.