Back from Moscow

I was in Moscow for a week to visit George Starostin and his colleagues both for a talk and for the annual conference in memoriam of Sergey Starostin. It was a very interesting week and I learned a lot. My talks (I gave one general introductino to computer-assisted language comparison, and a talk on rhyme analysis in Old Chinese phonology), are already online, and you find them here. During my stay in Moscow, I also found time to write my monthly German blog post, which you can find here (this time I wrote briefly about puns in different languages). Finally, two new papers will be officially published soon, and I already put them online in draft versions. First, a short paper introducing the EDICTOR tool, which has advanced greatly since my stay in Paris, although it is still only a prototype. Second, a paper written together with Gerhard Jäger and Pavel Sofroniev (Eberhard-Karls University Tübingen). In this paper, we compared my automatic approaches to cognate detection with a new approach developed by the Tübingen group, based on Support Vector Machines. Both papers are available for download from here.