Forthcoming papers and preprints

  • Jäger, G. and J.-M. List (2016): Statistical and computational elaborations of the classical comparative method. Manuscript . 1-17. [Preprint, under review, not peer-reviewed]

    overviewcomputational methodscomparative methodDRAFTBibTex

  • List, J.-M. (2018): Automatic methods for the investigation of language contact situations. Manuscript . 1-17. [Preprint, under review, not peer-reviewed]

    overviewborrowing detectionphylogenetic networksDRAFTBibTex

  • Bodt, T., N. Hill, and J.-M. List (2018): Prediction experiment for missing words in Kho-Bwa language data. Open Science Framework Preregistrations .evcbp. 1-7. [Preprint, under review, not peer-reviewed]

    Kho-Bwa languagescorrespondence patternspredictionCODEPDFURLBibTex

  • List, J.-M. (forthcoming): Automatic inference of sound correspondence patterns across multiple languages. Computational Linguistics 45.1. 1-24.

    correspondence patternssound correspondencesautomatic sequence comparisonDOIDRAFTBibTex

  • Hantgan, A. and J.-M. List (forthcoming): Bangime: Secret language, language isolate, or language island?. Journal of Language Contact 0.0. .

    BangimeDogonborrowing detectionDRAFTBibTex

  • Jacques, G. and J.-M. List (forthcoming): Save the trees: Why we need tree models in linguistic reconstruction (and when we should apply them). Journal of Historical Linguistics 19.1. ??-??.

    family treewave theorymethodologyDRAFTBibTex

  • List, J.-M., N. Hill, and C. Forster (2018): Towards a standardized annotation of rhyme judgments in Chinese historical phonology (and beyond). . . [Preprint, under review, not peer-reviewed]

    rhyme patternsrhyme annotationChinese historical linguisticsBibTex

  • Anderson, C., T. Tresoldi, T. Chacon, A.-M. Fehn, M. Walworth, R. Forkel, and J.-M. List (forthcoming): A Cross-Linguistic Database of Phonetic Transcription Systems. Yearbook of the Pozna\’n Linguistic Meeting ???? 1-23.

    phonetic transcription systemscross-linguistic databasesoftware APIBibTex

  • Papers from 2018

  • List, J.-M. (2018): Towards a history of concept list compilation in historical linguistics. History and Philosophy of the Language Sciences 5.10. 1-14.

    history of linguisticsSwadesh listconcept listDOIURLBibTex

  • Forkel, R., J.-M. List, S. Greenhill, C. Rzymski, S. Bank, M. Cysouw, H. Hammarström, M. Haspelmath, G. Kaiping, and R. Gray (2018): Cross-Linguistic Data Formats, advancing data sharing and re-use in comparative linguistics. Scientific Data 5.180205. 1-10.

    cross-linguistic data formatsstandardizationreproducibilityDOIPDFURLBibTex

  • List, J.-M., S. Greenhill, C. Anderson, T. Mayer, T. Tresoldi, and R. Forkel (2018): CLICS². An improved database of cross-linguistic colexifications assembling lexical data with help of cross-linguistic data formats. Linguistic Typology 22.2. 277-306.

    computer-assisted language comparisonreference catalogcolexificationDOIPDFURLBibTex

  • List, J.-M., M. Walworth, S. Greenhill, T. Tresoldi, and R. Forkel (2018): Sequence comparison in computational historical linguistics. Journal of Language Evolution 3.2. 130–144.

    computational historical linguisticstutorialsequence comparisonCODEDOISUPPLEMENTURLBibTex

  • Rama, T., J.-M. List, J. Wahle, and G. Jäger (2018): Are automatic methods for cognate detection good enough for phylogenetic reconstruction in historical linguistics?. In: Proceedings of the North American Chapter of the Association of Computational Linguistics. 393-400.

    phylogenetic reconstructionautomatic cognate detectionevaluationCODEDRAFTPDFSUPPLEMENTURLBibTex

  • Jäger, G. and J.-M. List (2018): Using ancestral state reconstruction methods for onomasiological reconstruction in multilingual word lists. Language Dynamics and Change 8.1. 22-54.

    ancestral state reconstructionmaximum likelihoodsemantic reconstructionDOIPDFSUPPLEMENTBibTex

  • List, J.-M. (2018): Ho well do automatic methods for language comparison work?. Latest Thinking 4.3. LTPUB10576.

    interviewcognate detectionevaluationDOIURLBibTex

  • List, J.-M. (2018): More on Network Approaches in Historical Chinese Phonology (音韵学). In: The 2nd Li Fang-Kuei Society Young Scholars Symposium. 157-174.

    network approachesHistorical Chinese PhonologyChinese character formationCODEDRAFTPDFSUPPLEMENTURLBibTex

  • Papers from 2017

  • Hill, N. and J.-M. List (2017): Challenges of annotation and analysis in computer-assisted language comparison: A case study on Burmish languages. Yearbook of the Poznań Linguistic Meeting 3.1. 47–76.

    computer-assisted approachBurmish languagesannotationCODEDOIPDFSUPPLEMENTURLBibTex

  • List, J.-M. (2017): Vertikale und laterale Aspekte der chinesischen Dialektgeschichte [Vertical and lateral aspects of Chinese dialect history]. Research Report. Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History: Jena.

    Chinese dialectologysequence comparisonphylogenetic networksDOIURLBibTex

  • List, J.-M., J. Pathmanathan, N. Hill, E. Bapteste, and P. Lopez (2017): Vowel purity and rhyme evidence in Old Chinese reconstruction. Lingua Sinica 3.1. 1-17.

    Old Chinese reconstructionrhyme networksassortativityCODEDOIPDFSUPPLEMENTURLBibTex

  • List, J.-M. (2017): Using network models to analyze Old Chinese rhyme data. Bulletin of Chinese Linguistics 9.2. 218-241.

    Old Chinese reconstructionnetwork approachrhyme evidenceCODEDEMODOIDRAFTBibTex

  • List, J.-M. (2017): [Book Review] Cultural Phylogenetics: Concepts and Applications in Archaeology. — Edited by Larissa Mendoza Straffon. Systematic Biology 66.2. 474-476.

    cultural evolutionbook reviewarchaeologyDOIPDFURLBibTex

  • List, J.-M. (2017): A web-based interactive tool for creating, inspecting, editing, and publishing etymological datasets. In: Proceedings of the 15th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics. System Demonstrations. 9-12.


  • List, J.-M., S. Greenhill, and R. Gray (2017): The potential of automatic word comparison for historical linguistics. PLOS ONE 12.1. 1-18.

    cognate detectionsimilarity networksgold standardCODEDOIPDFSUPPLEMENTURLBibTex

  • Jäger, G., J.-M. List, and P. Sofroniev (2017): Using support vector machines and state-of-the-art algorithms for phonetic alignment to identify cognates in multi-lingual wordlists. In: Proceedings of the 15th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics. Long Papers. 1204-1215.

    cognate detectionmachine learningsequence comparisonPDFBibTex

  • List, J.-M. (2017): Contraction. In: Sybesma, R. (ed.): Encyclopedia of Chinese language and linguistics.1. Brill Online: Leiden and Boston. 672-675.


  • List, J.-M. (2017): Fāngyán 方言 方言. In: Sybesma, R. (ed.): Encyclopedia of Chinese language and linguistics.2. Brill: Leiden and Boston. 219-225.

    Chinese dialectologyhistorical linguisticsoverviewDOIDRAFTURLBibTex

  • Papers from 2016

  • List, J.-M., A. Terhalle, and D. Schulzek (2016): Traces of embodiment in Chinese character formation. A frame approach to the interaction of writing, speaking, and meaning. In: Ströbel, L. (ed.): Sensory-motor concepts. At the crossroad between language \& cognition. Düsseldorf University Press: 45-62.

    embodimentChinese writing systemChinese character formationPDFURLBibTex

  • List, J.-M., J. Pathmanathan, P. Lopez, and E. Bapteste (2016): Unity and disunity in evolutionary sciences: process-based analogies open common research avenues for biology and linguistics. Biology Direct 11.39. 1-17.

    analogynetwork approachsimilarity networksCODEDOIPDFSUPPLEMENTURLBibTex

  • List, J.-M., P. Lopez, and E. Bapteste (2016): Using sequence similarity networks to identify partial cognates in multilingual wordlists. In: Proceedings of the Association of Computational Linguistics 2016 (Volume 2: Short Papers). Association of Computational Linguistics 599-605.

    similarity networkscognate detectionetymological relationsCODEPDFSUPPLEMENTURLBibTex

  • List, J.-M. (2016): Beyond cognacy: Historical relations between words and their implication for phylogenetic reconstruction. Journal of Language Evolution 1.2. 119-136.

    Chinese dialectologyancestral state reconstructionetymological relationsCODEDOIPDFURLBibTex

  • List, J.-M. (2016): Computer-Assisted Language Comparison: Reconciling Computational and Classical Approaches in Historical Linguistics . Research Proposal. Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History: Jena.

    computer-assisted language comparisonproject proposalSino-TibetanDOIPDFURLBibTex

  • List, J.-M., M. Cysouw, and R. Forkel (2016): Concepticon. A resource for the linking of concept lists. In: Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation. 2393-2400.

    concept listSwadesh listlinked dataCODEPDFURLBibTex

  • Jäger, G. and J.-M. List (2016): Investigating the potential of ancestral state reconstruction algorithms in historical linguistics. In: Proceedings of the Leiden Workshop on Capturing Phylogenetic Algorithms for Linguistics.

    ancestral state reconstructionMinimal Lateral Networkssemantic reconstructionDOIPDFBibTex

  • Papers from 2015

  • Chacon, T. and J.-M. List (2015): Improved computational models of sound change shed light on the history of the Tukanoan languages. Journal of Language Relationship 13.3. 177-204.

    phylogenetic reconstructionTukano languagessound changeCODEDEMOPDFURLBibTex

  • List, J.-M. (2015): Network perspectives on Chinese dialect history. Bulletin of Chinese Linguistics 8. 42-67.

    Chinese dialectologyphylogenetic networksancestral state reconstructionCODEPDFURLBibTex

  • Jäger, G. and J.-M. List (2015): Factoring lexical and phonetic phylogenetic characters from word lists. In: Proceedings of the 6th Conference on Quantitative Investigations in Theoretical Linguistics. Eberhard-Karls University

    cognate detectionphonetic alignmentASJP dataCODEPDFURLBibTex

  • Papers from 2014

  • List, J.-M., S. Nelson-Sathi, W. Martin, and H. Geisler (2014): Using phylogenetic networks to model Chinese dialect history. Language Dynamics and Change 4.2. 222–252.

    Chinese dialectologyphylogenetic networksminimal lateral networksCODEDOIPDFSUPPLEMENTBibTex

  • List, J.-M. (2014): Sequence comparison in historical linguistics. Düsseldorf University Press: Düsseldorf.

    cognate detectionphonetic alignmentsequence modelingCODEDOIPDFSUPPLEMENTURLBibTex

  • Mayer, T., J.-M. List, A. Terhalle, and M. Urban (2014): An interactive visualization of cross-linguistic colexification patterns. In: : Visualization as added value in the development, use and evaluation of Linguistic Resources. Workshop organized as part of the International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation. 1-8.

    polysemyconcept networkscolexificationCODEPDFURLBibTex

  • List, J.-M. and J. Prokić (2014): A benchmark database of phonetic alignments in historical linguistics and dialectology.. In: Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation. 288-294.

    phonetic alignmentgold standardCODEPDFSUPPLEMENTURLBibTex

  • List, J.-M. (2014): Investigating the impact of sample size on cognate detection. Journal of Language Relationship 11. 91-101.

    cognate detectionsample sizeCODEPDFSUPPLEMENTURLBibTex

  • List, J.-M., S. Nelson-Sathi, H. Geisler, and W. Martin (2014): Networks of lexical borrowing and lateral gene transfer in language and genome evolution. Bioessays 36.2. 141-150.

    lexical borrowingphylogenetic networksminimal lateral networksCODEPDFSUPPLEMENTURLBibTex

  • Papers from 2013

  • Nelson-Sathi, S., O. Popa, J.-M. List, H. Geisler, W. Martin, and T. Dagan (2013): Reconstructing the lateral component of language history and genome evolution using network approaches. In: : Classification and evolution in biology, linguistics and the history of science. Concepts – methods – visualization. Franz Steiner Verlag: Stuttgart. 163-180.

    classesborrowingminimal lateral networksPDFURLBibTex

  • Lopez, P., J.-M. List, and E. Bapteste (2013): A preliminary case for exploratory networks in biology and linguistics: the phonetic network of Chinese words as a case-study. In: Fangerau, H., H. Geisler, T. Halling, and W. Martin (eds.): Classification and evolution in biology, linguistics and the history of science. Concepts – methods – visualization. Franz Steiner Verlag: Stuttgart. 181-196.

    2theorysequence similarity networksphonetic alignmentPDFURLBibTex

  • Geisler, H. and J.-M. List (2013): Do languages grow on trees? The tree metaphor in the history of linguistics. In: Fangerau, H., H. Geisler, T. Halling, and W. Martin (eds.): Classification and evolution in biology, linguistics and the history of science. Concepts – methods – visualization. Franz Steiner Verlag: Stuttgart. 111-124.

    history of linguisticsfamily treewave theoryPDFURLBibTex

  • List, J.-M. and S. Moran (2013): An open source toolkit for quantitative historical linguistics. In: Proceedings of the ACL 2013 System Demonstrations. Association for Computational Linguistics 13-18.

    software packagephonetic alignmentcognate detectionPDFBibTex

  • List, J.-M., A. Terhalle, and M. Urban (2013): Using network approaches to enhance the analysis of cross-linguistic polysemies. In: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Computational Semantics -- Short Papers. Association for Computational Linguistics 347-353.

    polysemycolexificationconcept networksPDFSUPPLEMENTBibTex

  • Papers from 2012

  • List, J.-M. (2012): Improving phonetic alignment by handling secondary sequence structures. In: Computational approaches to the study of dialectal and typological variation. Working papers submitted for the workshop organized as part of the ESSLLI 2012.

    phonetic alignmentsound classessequence modelingDOIPDFSUPPLEMENTBibTex

  • List, J.-M. (2012): LexStat. Automatic detection of cognates in multilingual wordlists. In: Proceedings of the EACL 2012 Joint Workshop of Visualization of Linguistic Patterns and Uncovering Language History from Multilingual Resources. 117-125.

    cognate detectionphonetic alignmentPDFBibTex

  • List, J.-M. (2012): SCA: Phonetic alignment based on sound classes. In: Slavkovik, M. and D. Lassiter (eds.): New directions in logic, language, and computation. Springer: Berlin and Heidelberg. 32-51.

    phonetic alignmentsound classesDOIPDFSUPPLEMENTURLBibTex

  • List, J.-M. (2012): Multiple sequence alignment in historical linguistics. A sound class based approach. In: Proceedings of ConSOLE XIX. 241-260.

    phonetic alignmentsound classesPDFBibTex

  • Papers from 2011

  • Holman, E., C. Brown, S. Wichmann, A. Müller, V. Velupillai, H. Hammarström, S. Sauppe, H. Jung, D. Bakker, P. Brown, O. Belyaev, M. Urban, R. Mailhammer, J.-M. List, and D. Egorov (2011): Automated dating of the world’s language families based on lexical similarity. Current Anthropology 52.6. 841-875.


  • Nelson-Sathi, S., J.-M. List, H. Geisler, H. Fangerau, R. Gray, W. Martin, and T. Dagan (2011): Networks uncover hidden lexical borrowing in Indo-European language evolution. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences 278.1713. 1794-1803.

    glottochronologyminimal lateral networksphylogenetic networksDOIPDFURLBibTex

  • Papers from 2010

  • Geisler, H. and J.-M. List (2010): Beautiful trees on unstable ground. Notes on the data problem in lexicostatistics. In: Hettrich, H. (ed.): Die Ausbreitung des Indogermanischen. Thesen aus Sprachwissenschaft, Archäologie und Genetik. Reichert: Wiesbaden.

    evaluationlexicostatisticsinter-annotator agreementPDFURLBibTex

  • List, J.-M. (2010): Phonetic alignment based on sound classes. A new method for sequence comparison in historical linguistics. In: Proceedings of the 15th Student Session of the European Summer School for Logic, Language and Information. 192-202.

    sound classesphonetic alignmentPDFBibTex

  • Wichmann, S., E. Holman, A. Müller, V. Velupillai, J.-M. List, O. Belyaev, M. Urban, and D. Bakker (2010): Glottochronology as a heuristic for genealogical language relationships. Journal of Quantitative Linguistics 17.4. 303-316.


  • Papers from 2009

  • List, J.-M. (2009): Sprachvariation im modernen Chinesisch. CHUN -- Chinesischunterricht 24. 123-140.

    language variationChineseDRAFTBibTex

  • List, J.-M. (2009): Historische Aspekte der komparativen Methode [Historical aspects of the comparative method]. Working paper.

    comparative methodlinguistic reconstructionhistory of sciencePDF

  • Papers from 2008

  • List, J.-M. (2008): The validity of reconstruction systems. Research Proposal.

    methodologyvaliditylinguistic reconstructionPDF

  • List, J.-M. (2008): The puzzling case of Boshan tone sandhi. Working paper.

    tone sandhiChinese dialectologyPDF

  • List, J.-M. (2008): Resultativkomposita im Chinesischen [Resultative compounds in Chinese]. Summary.

    resultative compoundsChinesePDF

  • List, J.-M. (2008): Rekonstruktion der Aussprache des Mittel- und Altchinesischen. Vergleich der Rekonstruktionsmethoden der indogermanischen und der chinesischen Sprachwissenschaft [Reconstruction of the pronunciation of Middle and Old Chinese. Comparison of reconstruction methods in Indo-European and Chinese linguistics]. Magister thesis. Freie Universität Berlin: Berlin.

    linguistic reconstructionOld ChineseMiddle ChinesePDFBibTex

  • Papers from 2007

  • List, J.-M. (2007): Typology and linguistic reconstruction. Working paper.

    linguistic reconstructiontypologymethodologyPDF

  • List, J.-M. (2007): The derivational character of the Chinese writing system. Working paper.

    Chinese writing systemcharacter formationPDF

  • List, J.-M. (2007): Osnovy rekonstrukcii srednekitajskogo i drevnekitajskogo jazykov [Introduction to the reconstruction of Middle and Old Chinese]. Summary.

    linguistic reconstructionOld ChineseMiddle ChinesePDF

  • List, J.-M. (2007): Cóng Éwén de jiǎodù lái kàn pànduàn dòngcí ”shì” de qǐyuán yǔ yǎnbiàn 从俄文的角度来看判断动词“是”的起源与演变 [Origin and change of the Chinese copula shì from a Russian perspective]. Working paper.

    typologycopulaOld ChinesePDF

  • Papers from 2003

  • List, J.-M. (2003): До свидания Сталину! Die Absage sowjetischer Historiker an stalinistische Dogmatik der Marxinterpretation, dargestellt am Beispiel der VDI-Diskussion in den Jahren 1953-1955. .