New Paper on TIGER Rates

TIGER rates are an interesting way to assess the tree-likeness of a dataset, originally proposed by Cummins and McInerney in 2011 and now also discussed for their suitability to be applied to linguistic data by Syrjänen et al. 2021. When reading both articles, I felt that there was something odd with the TIGER rates, and I found the reason in the handling of singletons and invariants. As a result, I wrote a small library in Python that computes both corrected and original TIGER rates and I also wrote a comment to the original article by Syrjänen et al. to illustrate the usefulness of the extended (or correctd) rates. The article has now been published under the title "Correcting a bias in TIGER rates resulting from high amounts of invariant and singleton cognate sets" (DOI: 10.1093/jole/lzab007).