New Paper and New Blog post

Yesterday, we were informed that our paper presenting "A digital, retro-standardized edition of the Tableaux Phonétiques des Patois Suisses Romands (TPPSR)", by Hans Geisler, Robert Forkel, and myself, has finally appeared in print. The study presents an online edition of the TPPSR, a dialect atlas of the Suisse romande, collected in the early 20th century, which has already been published online at https://tppsr.clld.org. The study presenting this database itself will mainly appear in print, but for now, offprints are also available here.

Additionally, a new German blog post discussing ghost writers, predatory journals, and agencies searching for ghost writers, has appeared. The post, titled "Von schreibenden Geistern und vertretenen Stellen" can be found at https://wub.hypotheses.org/1370.