LingRex Released in Version 1.0.0

Yesterday, I released LingRex in version 1.0.0. While the earlier version, which was used in three recent papers (List 2019, Wu et al. 2020, and Bodt and List 2019), was never properly tested, the new version has a test coverage of 99% with respect to unit tests. This means we can expect more stability in the application of the major functions provided by the library. These consist in the code for correspondence pattern detection (List 2019), the search for cross-semantic cognates (Wu et al. 2020), a new template-based alignment method (Wu et al. 2020), and the prediction of words (Bodt and List 2019 and 2021).

In addition, our blog collection for all blogs published in 2020 in our Computer-Assisted Language Comparison in Progress (CALCiP) blog has now been published with Humanities Commons in a new design (see 10.17613/2qq4-y417). In the future, we hope to publish stable PDF versions of blog posts individually after their appearance, instead of publishing them only one time per year.