New Preprint

Today, I submitted a new preprint, titled "Chances and Challenges of Quantitative Approaches in Chinese Historical Phonology". The study was submitted for the inclusion in a Festschrift for the 120th birthday of the famous linguist Li Fang-Kuei.

The field of Chinese Historical Phonology is traditionally dealing with a large number of complex and diverse types of data. While the data diversity can be conveniently dealt with in qualitative approaches, computational possibilities that have arisen during the past two decades offer new possibilities and new challenges for the field. In the study, I will summarize the chances and challenges which we face in the discipline and point to some suggestions for future work. While not being able to provide a direct solution for most issues of data handling and standardization, I hope that this study can contribute to a broader discussion about data and standards in the field of Chinese Historical Phonology.

The study has been submitted as a preprint to Humanities Commons.