New Blog Post and Preprint

On Monday, I published a new German blog post, this time dealing with questions of "manual labor in digital times", the post, titled "Handarbeit im digitalen Zeitalter" can be found here.

Yesterday, a new preprint appeared (common work with Hans Geisler and Robert Forkel), featuring "A digital, retro-standardized edition of the Tableaux phonétiques des patois Suisses romands (TPPSR)".

This study presents a digital, retro-standardized edition of the Tableaux Phonétiques des Patois Suisses Romands (TPPSR), an early collection of lexical dialect data of the Suisse romande, which was compiled by Louis Gauchat, Jules Jeanqaquet, and Ernest Tappolet in the beginning of the 20th century and later published in 1925. While the plan of Gauchat and his collaborators to turn their data into a dialect atlas could never be realized for the lack of funding, we show how consistent techniques for digitization, accompanied by transparent approaches to retro-standardization can be used to turn the original data of the TPPSR into a modern interactive dialect atlas. The dialect atlas is not only publicly available in the form of a web-based application, but also in the form of a dataset that offers the data in standardized, human- and machine-readable form.

The preprint was archived with Humanities Commons and the web application has been published as a CLLD project.