New Preprint on the Detection of Contact Layers

Today, a new preprint by Abbie Hantgan, Hiba Babiker, and myself appeared online (the study itself is currently under review), discussing preliminary approaches to the detection of contact layers in the language isolate Bangime.

We present a computer-assisted, multidisciplinary, first approach to addressing this problem of detecting the layers of contact in Bangime. First, we assemble lexical evidence of contact between Bangime speakers with their neighboring languages, using a computer-assisted technique, followed by an evaluation of the materials by contrasting them with genetic findings. Specifically, we propose trajectories for Bangande settlement patterns. With this study, we lay the foundation of future collaborative work that will improve, correct, and enhance the results of this study. The original data used for the study are made available so that additional researchers may follow up on and test our hypotheses concerning contact layers in Bangime.

The preprint has been submitted to Humanities Commons and can be accessed here.