New Blog Posts and Drafts

Time keeps passing, and I have not found the time to keep up with my website, so news come now in condensed form. First, I initiated a new series of blog posts in our Computer-Assisted Language Comparison in Practice blog, which is called How to do X in linguistics? and will features specific topics that are barely taught but considered as one of the basic tasks of a professional linguist and scientist (such as writing a review, responding to a review, or organizing one's bibliography).

Yesterday, another blog post in the series From rhymes to networks appeared, discussing this time the Automated Detection of Rhymes.

Last not least, we managed to publish a first version of a new database of Norms, Ratings, and Relations for Words and Concepts, called NoRaRe, led by our doctoral student Annika Tjuka in collaboration with Robert Forkel. The database itself can be inspected here and data and code are available on GitHub (concepticon/norare-data). In addition, a preprint, currently under review, is available which introduces the main ideas behind the database, titled Linking Norms, Ratings, and Relations of Words and Concepts Across Multiple Language Varieties.