New Papers Appeared

Two more studies have recently appeared. The first is study on Chinese character formation graphs, together with Nathan W. Hill:

This paper proposes the use of network techniques in the exploration of Old Chinese phonology as reflected in the phonophoric determinatives of xiéshēng 諧聲 characters. We use the approach to examine five specific proposals in Chinese historical phonology, and whether the distinctions suggested by these proposals can be said to be recoverable on the basis of phonophoric choice. The major finding is that the type A versus type B distinction is in some cases encoded in the choice of phonophoric determinative, while other distinctions are only spuriously if at all reflected in the phonophoric subseries.

The paper is available in Open Access and can be found here.

The second study is a popular science article about the experiments on prediction in historical linguistics, which Tim Bodt and me have started some two years ago. The article is available (but only for subscribers) in the journal Babel: The Language Magazin, but you can find our authors' copy here.