Research in the news and new blog posts

In the June issue of Psychologie Heute, which was available from Wednesday on, there is a report on the work on on emotion concepts (Jackson et al. 2019) with help of our database of cross-linguistic colexifications (Rzymski et al. 2020). The article can also be found online, but it is not freely available without subscription.

During last week, I found time to prepare two more blog posts for May, one German post concentrating on scientific practice and some general ideas on open research within the humanities, titled "Was Wissen schafft, wird festgestellt: Gedanken zur offenen Forschung", and online available here. A second blog post was devoted to an exploration of semantic similarity as it is represented and handled in the STARLING software package. This post, which can be found here, is accompanied by a Python software package called pysen, and an interactive online application which you can find here.