New Blog Posts in the CALC Blog

In this week, we published two new blog posts in our CALC blog, both follow-ups from series that were started earlier in this year, one by myself, devoted to Feature-Based Alignment Analyses with LingPy and CLTS (2), and one by Nathanael E. Schweikhard, discussing Biological metaphors and methods in historical linguistics (2): Words and genes.

Additionally, Tim Bodt, who was visiting our group already several times, has now published all material from his trip to Nepal, during which he collected material on the Kusunda language. This trip was to a small part supported by our project, and Tim thanked us for the support by collecting a 250-item wordlist of Kusunda that we can compare with our database on Sino-Tibetan langauges. You can find a summary of the work (published by Aaley and Bodt), along with all links to the original data, which is free for download, here.