New blog post and papers

Already on Sunday I published a new German blog post, this time discussing the phenomenon of epenthesis and other sound change types in German and other languages, titled «Wissentschaft und Abenbrot: Einschübe und Aussetzer im Sprachwandel», available here.

Furthermore, two more drafts of accepted papers have been added to my list of forthcoming papers. The first draft is a comment on a forthcoming paper by Gerhard Jäger in the journal Theoretical Linguistics, discussing questions of comparing reconstruction systems. The draft, titled «Beyond Edit Distances: Comparing linguistic reconstruction systems» can be found here.

The second draft is a paper to appear in the Bulletin of Chinese Linguistics, written together with Nathan W. Hill, presenting a new idea of handling Chinese character formation processes in the reconstruction of Old Chinese phonology. This draft, titled «Using Chinese character formation graphs to test proposals in Chinese historical phonology» can be found here.