Three new talks during a busy week

From Friday, 30th of June, until last Friday, 7th of July, I was giving three talks on three different topics. It started with a summary on the potential of networks approaches in Old Chinese reconstruction in Paris, after which I was very surprised that many scholars seem to support the idea of handling Chinese character formation with directed networks (and I hope that I will find time to address this soon, even if only in a small example). After that, I gave a talk in Liège on colexifications and cross-linguistic polysemies, and how we plan to update the CLICS database when we launch CLICS 2.0. Finally, I introduced some basic ideas on how to handle lexical and etymological data within the Cross-Linguistic Data Formats initiative, focusing specifically on annotation and analysis. Although it was quite exhaustive to prepare all these talks, I am glad that I scheduled them for this time, since it forced me to push a couple of important projects, such as cross-linguistic colexifications, and the cross-linguistic data formats, which are all central for computer-assisted language comparison in general, and also important for Sino-Tibetan in specific.

After one week in Jena, where I'll try to catch up with the work I could not finish yet, I'll finally have two weeks of holidays until beginning of August, interrupted only from another talk in Cologne next week on Friday, in which me and Nathan Hill will present some interesting new work on Burmish languages (I'll report later in more detail).