Blogpost on Interdisciplinary Research

After a busy month full of holidays and other things to attend to, I finally managed to write my monthly blog post. This time, it is on the question whether biologists can (in the end) learn from linguists (about evolution). This question has been following me for some time now, since the tendency is to say that linguistics (especially historical linguistics) needs to get more quantitative and therefore should try and learn from biology. I basically subscribe to this statement, but I hesitate to accept that transfer should only go in one direction from biology to linguistics. As a reflection of past research shows, both disciplines have profited from each other, and only since the tendency goes now into the direction of biology contributing to linguistics, this does not mean that all research we have been doing in classical historical linguistics has nothing to offer to biologists. I expect that this will change sooner or later and try to follow up this question in more detail in the new blog post for David Morrisons blog The Genealogical World of Phylogenetic Networks, with the title "Can biologists learn from linguists?".

Furthermore, I decided that given that I am successfull at avoiding most social media, I could still put the music I created for some of my juggling videos online. So I added another section on music on my website, where I will eventually put more pieces in the future. Having played classical guitar for almost half of my life, I have abandonded the instrument for some time now. Maybe, when having a place to present some things, I may manage to get my motivation back in the future.