New Resources

There are two new resources in whose development I was involved and which I would like to introduce. One is the Lexical Change Viewer which is an application that takes explicit statements regarding lexical change along a given language tree, computes consensus strings and alignments of all words, and plots all these changes interactively, allowing the user to inspect the alignments and also collapse the nodes of the tree. The application is still only a standalone plugin (published as part of the Digital Historial Linguistics repository collection) that makes use of the LingPy library, but I will soon include it in LingPy so that users can directly create the Lexical Change Viewer from their wordlists.

Here is a screenshot of the application:

Lexical Change Viewer

The second application, called The Language Goldmine is a reference collection of tagged links to several linguistic databases and datasets. This application, which is still work in progress, was initialized, and is actively maintained and regularly expanded by Bodo Winter, whom I helped with the web application. I think that it is quite useful to have an account on all the datasets which are actually available in the field, and I hope this resource will expand more and more in the future. Currently, it consists of 170 datapoints, but we all know that there's much more gold to dig.