Concepticon Resource Published

A new resource (created in collaboration with M. Cysouw and R. Forkel) has now been officially published as a beta-release and is available online at http://concepticon.clld.org. This resource, which we call the "Concepticon", links more than 50 different concept lists (often also called "Swadesh lists") which have been proposed in the literature. With help of this resource, one can easily compare which authors would qualify which concepts as belonging to the realm of basic vocabulary, and which not. Additional meta-resources for the different concept list are also available, and one can thus compare, for example, the stability rankings of Sergei Starostin with the rankings published by the WOLD project.

We presented the project in a recent talk, held at the workshop Language Comparison with Linguistic Databases, hosted by the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.

Contributions are alwasy welcome, and can be done by forking our underlying data at our GitHub repository, or by contacting me via email.