First month in Paris

It has been about a month now that I have been living in Paris, and I should say that I enjoy all aspects of my life here quite a lot, be it the work with the sinologists at CRLAO or with the biologists at UPMC, or the sessions of juggling practice at the 104.

Many new ideas have been popping up during the first month of work in Paris, and many things have been enhanced during the last month. Among these, I should especially mention the EDICTOR, and the CONCEPTICON. For the former, I have managed to add some new and useful features, like an automatic check of correspondence frequencies in datasets in which alignments have already been carried out, an automatic segmentizer that segmentizes words that are inserted in the TOKENS column, and a rough method for multiple alignments that can be used before editing multiple alignments manually. For the latter, the progress was a bit slower, but we have been collecting quite a lot of concept lists during the last time, and we have also managed to map most of these to our source database. What we are lacking at the moment, however, is some consistency and quality check, that helps us to avoid erroneous mappings. I hope, however, that this work will have been finished by April, when we plan to give a short presentation on the CONCEPTICON during a workshop at the MPI Leipzig.